Deciding Between a Band and a DJ

Posted on January 25, 2019 at 10:00 am

Choosing a band or DJ for your wedding or event is an important decision as it will change the atmosphere and ambience significantly. A DJ will feel more like a party, whereas a band can be chosen to perform different music styles and change the nature of your event. Here are some pros and cons for each.

Bands: This is a versatile way of bringing music into your event and you can choose a band based on the styles they are best at performing. You might pay more though, as the best bands know their worth and will charge higher prices.

DJs: You can create a real atmosphere with a DJ, and you can still request songs you would like them to play. However, there won’t be as much versatility as you would get with a band, and some people might not like having music playing at a high volume all night.

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