The Proms – Celebrating all Kinds of Music

Posted on August 31, 2017 at 10:21 pm

The BBC Proms have traditionally been a classical music festival held at the Royal Albert Hall. They were established to make music accessible for everybody by making it affordable to see world-class orchestras in a world-class venue. However, in recent years, the Proms have been branching out and now include a whole range of concerts and events for all types of musical consumers.

Jazz is now a big feature at the Proms and will usually appear in the form of Late Night Proms. These are held in a bar or more informal setting after another concert has taken place. Attendees can enjoy established and up and coming jazz singers and musicians in a relaxed environment.

More recently, the Proms have also celebrated artists from other genres. David Bowie’s music has been features and other artists are gaining more recognition and representation as well. Venues are also becoming more diverse, with one concert being held in a car park this year.

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