The UK is Producing World-Class Music

Posted on December 16, 2016 at 5:30 pm

The music industry in the UK is going strong. New artists are emerging all the time and making names for themselves, with many going on to have long and successful music careers. Often, this is down to the fact that these artists have lots of platforms to be heard. From their local pub to nationwide radio stations, the UK music scene is very much geared up to promoting good new music.

Another factor is that in the UK, people are big music fans. There is an enormous market for new music, with many people spending their time listening to up-and-coming artists and local gigs. This paves the way for new and exciting artists to be heard on a larger scale and is very promising for the future of live music.

Hip-hop specifically has been in the spotlight recently, with the famous producer Swizz Beatz claiming that the very best hip-hop music is currently being made in the UK.

He has been talking to BBC Radio 1 about the strength of hip-hop in the UK at the moment and he has a lot of praise for the music that is being produced. He has gone so far as to say that the hip-hop currently being made in the UK is stronger than that coming from the US. He says that this is down to the uniqueness of it. He makes frequent trips to the UK in order to record and use the new sounds that are being produced.

This is very promising for UK artists, especially in genres like hip-hop and grime which haven’t always enjoyed as much prevalence as other types of music. With such a receptive audience, the trend is hopefully set to continue.

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